Stay safe on Transit this Halloween

Photo by Chandra Bodalia

IT’S Halloween once again and Metro Vancouver Transit Police would like to remind you that taking a few precautions, if using transit on Halloween, will help to ensure that you enjoy this event safely.
Take extra care when choosing Halloween costumes. Put some thought into your props before stepping on transit. Costume props, such as replica handguns, hatchets, knives, swords, etc., can be a problem. Ask yourself, could this item be easily mistaken for the real thing? If this item is mistaken for the real thing, how might it put your safety at risk if the police are called? If in doubt, leave it at home.
Consumption of liquor in public is illegal. This includes all buses, trains, and SeaBus. If you are carrying liquor on transit, ensure it remains closed until you arrive at your private destination. The fine for consuming liquor in public is $230.
Tips for staying safe on transit:
– Stay alert to your surroundings. Keep valuables out of sight from others. Avoid being engrossed in your electronic device – consider removing one earbud to stay in tune with what’s going on around you.
– Plan your journey ahead of time and make sure you appear confident and know where you’re going.
– If travelling in a group, establish a meeting place in the event you are separated.
– Be visible. Wear bright costumes or include reflective tape, glow sticks, or other articles that improve visibility.
– Use face paint or make-up instead of a mask — if you must wear a mask, enlarge the eyes for better vision and push it back off your face when you are walking in and around train stations, and in busy pedestrian areas.
– Make sure you are familiar with safety features throughout the system such as two-way intercoms and silent alarms (yellow strip) on the trains. Do not hesitate to use the red emergency phone located on train platforms to summon help from transit staff in an emergency.
Use Text Code 87 77 77 to discreetly send Transit Police information regarding nonemergency situations on the bus, train or SeaBus. Download the code in advance so it’s ready to use if you need it.