Don’t have a “Summer Slip-Up”, caution Surrey RCMP

Cpl. Crisp with open garage

AS temperatures rise, the Surrey RCMP want to help residents reduce their chances of becoming a victim of crime this summer.

According to Surrey RCMP crime analysts, as the convertible tops come down, certain property crimes often go up such as residential break and enters and theft from vehicles. While they’ve seen decreases in crime this year, they know that every summer a number of preventable common crimes will be committed. So this summer, the Surrey RCMP are reminding residents not to have a “Summer Slip-Up” by taking a few easy steps to prevent crime.


Backyard blues


It’s sunny, it’s warm, and you want to be outside. If you are doing lawn or garden maintenance, especially if you own a large rural property, make sure your home and garage are secure. Surrey RCMP get more reports in the summertime of residents having their garages broken into and items stolen because they have left their doors or garages insecure. Don’t make it easy for thieves. Always secure your property, including garage doors, even if you are working around the house.


It’s getting hot in here


Cpl. Crisp and window screen

For those of us without air conditioning our only hope for relief when the mercury rises is open windows.  As tempting as it may be, leaving windows open when you are not home or when you are sleeping can be an open invitation for thieves. Consider investing in window security bars or a windowed air conditioner that is secured from the inside. In addition, open windows can be a safety hazard for little ones. While window screens are great for keeping bugs out, they do not prevent children from falling through them. Every year Surrey RCMP respond to calls involving children who have fallen through window screens and received serious injuries. Install window guards above the ground floor level and don’t underestimate a child’s mobility.


Pass the Hawaiian shirt


Cpl. Crisp leaving on vacation

Who doesn’t love going on vacation? Whether it’s to some exotic locale or just a nearby camping spot, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of going away and forget your crime prevention duties. Newspapers and flyers piling up at your front door, grass not cut, no cars in the driveway? Don’t give thieves an extra incentive to target your home by making it obvious that you are away. Make it a habit to have these things taken care before you leave and check out these home security tips on our website. An extra reminder that your mail can contain valuable personal information – have someone pick up your mail or put a temporary stop on your mail delivery. Thieves are always looking for new ways to defraud you out of your hard earned money.


Help Herbie ride again


Cpl. Crisp with open shed

For many of us, our vehicle is our second home and a prized possession. Don’t forget about securing it properly during the warm weather! Protect your vehicle by taking some basic steps like rolling up all windows and closing the sunroof, purchasing an anti-theft device and removing all valuables, including garage door openers, whenever you leave it unattended. Keep your keys with you at all times and never leave the holder for your GPS unit visible as it may alert thieves that more valuables are in your car.


“Follow our #SummerSlipUp hashtag on Twitter this summer (@SurreyRCMP) for more great tips from our favourite safety specialist, Cpl Crisp. Our winter safety specialist (#CplCrisp) is sticking around this summer and he is going to need some warm weather crime prevention reminders!” say Surrey RCMP

The Surrey RCMP will be out at many events this summer speaking to residents and providing crime prevention information. In addition, the Surrey RCMP’s Bike Unit is again patrolling those hard to reach areas this summer ensuring everyone is enjoying our parks, green spaces, and public areas appropriately. As summer begins, parents are also reminded to talk to their kids about the current risks with respect to illicit drugs, in particular fentanyl, so that you and your family can have a safe summer.