Surrey Board of Trade wants removal of taxi boundaries for level playing field

Remove Red Tape for the Taxi Industry Petition – Deadline: March 16

THE Surrey Board of Trade says it is changing the public narrative for the taxi industry around partnership and innovation. It says its continued advocacy for the past six years, in addition to advocating for the ridesharing industry, is to ensure that the taxi industry can participate in the economy on a level playing field.

The Surrey Board of Trade released a petition on Tuesday to be sent to BC’s Transporation Minister Claire Trevena asking for one priority item:

“The Surrey Board of Trade is asking for the removal of archaic taxi boundaries and allow the 2,500 taxis in Metro Vancouver to pick up and drop off anywhere in the Lower Mainland to serve the public better,” said Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade.

Local taxis, also members of the Surrey Board of Trade, want to compete with ride-hailing companies, but on a level playing field, without any boundaries. This will be true economic action that will improve customer service and be a true transportation choice to move people, she said.

Currently, government red tape forces taxis to drive back empty (deadhead) after dropping off passengers in neighbouring municipalities. Deadheading leads to inefficient use of taxi fleets, increased congestion, GHG emissions, higher costs, longer wait times for passengers and lower-income for drivers.

Deadline to sign THE PETITION is March 16.