Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum deserves praise for his Surrey-Langley SkyTrain extension vision

INDEED, Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum deserves fulsome praise for his Surrey-Langley SkyTrain extension vision – a vision that Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart lauded on Wednesday after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s announcement of $14.9 billion in new transit funding for municipalities, saying that this “will help us get closer to connecting Langley to UBC with a SkyTrain extension that will service British Columbia’s second largest employment corridor.”

Stewart also noted: “Not only will this project help jumpstart COVID economic recovery with thousands of green jobs, it will also help reduce congestion and realize our goals for a low-emissions future.

“This project is the single most important thing we can do as a region to build back better after the pandemic and build a better future for residents across Metro Vancouver and beyond.”

Surrey-Langley SkyTrain Extension.

Yes, indeed, McCallum had to endure heaps of obscene and slanderous criticism for his vision by petty politicians and certain vested interests representing some businesses who now look like a bunch of morons. They launched every imaginable salvo at him and even attacked media that supported him. They behaved like what one would expect in a Third World country with no shame, no decency and no intelligence!

McCallum truly deserves another term after this – and those who opposed him should be booted out.

McCallum, reacting to Trudeau’s new transit funding announcement, said: “With today’s announcement by Prime Minister Trudeau and Premier [John] Horgan’s promise to fully fund SkyTrain through Surrey all the way to Langley, I am now more confident than ever that Surrey is no longer left behind on rapid transit. Surrey’s new SkyTrain extension is shovel ready, will create well-paying jobs immediately, and will take more cars off the road with the built-in ridership from the growing cities of Surrey and the Langleys. Let’s get moving on it!”

Horgan and his NDP also deserve rich praise for backing the Surrey-Langley SkyTrain extension.