Surrey’s Our City campaign showcases student-led neighbourhood enhancement projects

Surrey Mayor Brenda Locke with LA Matheson students. Photos: City of Surrey

THE City of Surrey celebrated the kickoff of the Our City campaign, showcasing inspiring neighbourhood enhancement projects led by students from LA Matheson Secondary School.

As part of the ongoing campaign that launched earlier this month, the event brought together Surrey Mayor Brenda Locke, City councillors, school trustees, school staff, and City representatives to support and applaud the students’ efforts in making a positive impact by beautifying and improving their neighbourhood.

“I am incredibly impressed and inspired by the dedication and creativity displayed by the LA Matheson students in their neighbourhood enhancement projects,” said Locke. “Their contributions will make a lasting impact on Surrey. The Our City campaign is about empowering everyone to take an active role in shaping their neighbourhoods, and these students have set a fantastic example for all of us.”

Approximately 80 students participated in an array of projects, including tree planting, invasive species removal, fence art utilizing recycled street banners for beautification, and litter cleanup made possible through the Our City campaign. These initiatives not only enhance the aesthetics of the school and surrounding neighbourhoods but also promote environmental sustainability and community pride, the City said.

During the event, the City announced the successful completion of a new path through the area to connect with Moffat Park, further enhancing accessibility and connectivity for students and residents.

The Our City campaign encourages all Surrey residents to get involved and take an active role in enhancing their neighbourhoods. Through grants, resources, and tools, individuals and groups can turn their ideas into reality. Whether it’s a community garden, public art project, block party, or park improvement, the Our City campaign provides the support needed to create lasting positive change.

You can join the Our City campaign at and check out the story map showcasing other neighbourhood improvement projects to inspire and celebrate.