Terminator Genisys PG) ****

Robot Rampage!

Terminator Genisys Forget politicians. Austria’s most famous citizen goes back in Time to resurrect his most famous role in Terminator Genisys. Smart Paramount Studios made the right choice in Helming this sure to be classic. Enjoy this action driven romp at Cineplex Odeon theatres across B.C.

Better news comes as this is one of the few films where the 3-D effects are visible and work seamlessly.

It helps to know a bit about the history of the Terminator series to get some of the backstory for this adventure. Set in The future we have leader of the rebellion John Connor working with number one soldier Kyle Reese to take down the evil machine run society. Both Jason Clarke and Jai Courtney are effective as the macho men who head back in time to reunite with Sarah Connor to save the future. Soulful Emilia Clarke gets off some great lines as she seems conflicted about her role in the rebellion.

Time travel plays a central role in Terminator Genisys. Relentless machines do their best to do in Sarah and her allies. Sudden changes in alliances force impromptu moments as this trio becomes involved in a dangerous game of duplicity. Out to help Sarah and Kyle is a menacing figure only known as The Guardian. Back and better than ever is Arnold Schwarzenegger (True Lies) who gets off his usual great one liners and does lots of grinning.

A relentless pace and action that never lets us along with clever one-liners and a very smart story with impressive acting make Terminator Genisys a wild ride that’s well worth seeing.

By Robert Waldman