Thieves finding easy access to Surrey homes


IN light of a recent series of residential break and enters in South Surrey, the Surrey RCMP is reminding residents to do everything they can to secure their homes and vehicles.

“According to our most recent crime analysis report, the majority of residential break and enters in the first three weeks of November involved insecure premises or the use of garage door openers,” says Surrey RCMP Cpl. Bert Paquet. “While the number of break-ins remains fairly consistent from year to year, what is also consistent is the way thieves are easily entering unsecured homes, garages or vehicles.”

With an average of one break and enter a day for the month of November in this area, residents need to use all the tools available to protect themselves. Simple steps like locking all doors, including ones leading into your garage, and latching windows will help eliminate your risk of being an easy target. The same applies to your vehicles parked in the driveway: lock your cars, remove your valuables, and consider using an anti-theft device.

Residents may also want to consider other safety tips to secure their homes which may include installing a security system and leaving lights on when you are out or away on vacation so you home always appears occupied.

“Also remember to take your garage door opener with you, even if you’re only parked for a short period of time,” adds Paquet. “Treat your garage door remote as if it was a key to your house, because it is.”

Whether it relates to your residence or vehicle, there are many ways to ensure that your personal items do not become stolen property. By using basic crime prevention tips, residents can play a crucial role in reducing the incidents of vehicle and residential theft.

Residents and business owners are also extra eyes and ears for the police. Surrey RCMP ask that you always report any suspicious persons or activities in your neighborhood to the police at 604-599-0502.

For more information on protecting your property please visit the Protect Yourself section of the Surrey RCMP website.