Think BIG this Canada Day!


 Harnoor Canada Day

TAKE a pledge and think BIG this Canada Day!

Canada Day is a day to take pride in the achievements and successes that we as Canadians have accomplished since 1867. Canadians have accomplished a lot since then. They have an international reputation of always being generous as well as pleasant to others around them.

In preparation of Canada’s birthday, let’s celebrate this one with a bang by thinking BIG. To think BIG, let’s show our gratitude by showing support to our local communities and go out and volunteer. Canada is a multicultural society and as Canadians it is also our duty to make immigrants feel welcome to this country.

By volunteering in communities on this year’s Canada Day, we can successfully broaden the image of a generous and pleasant Canadian to the world. This in turn will influence other countries in the world to do the same thing. Volunteering is a great way to get to know your local community as well as enjoy your time with people that you have never met before.  A couple ways that one can volunteer on Canada Day is to host a clean-up, host a community barbecue for a fundraiser or even get a food shelter to get people of the community to donate non-perishable items. These are just a few ways that you can successfully spend your celebrations of Canada Day through your dedication of volunteering in the community.

It really makes you appreciate the values that Canadians believe in which is to respect each other the way you would want to be respected. Ever since the Multicultural Act of 1970 was passed, there has been an increase in the number of events that promote different cultures. A great way to think BIG this Canada’s Day would be to promote multiculturalism by hosting a community barbecue and celebrating Canada’s birthday with different cultures and traditions to gain knowledge about.

A fun fact to know about myself is that I was born in Hong Kong. A coincidence that occurs on this year’s July 1 is that Hong Kong celebrates its Special Administrative Day the same day as Canada’s birthday. Therefore, my goal for both events is to celebrate them with a bang as well as spread the word about them throughout social services.

Last but not least, spreading awareness is the key to thinking BIG on this year’s Canada Day. So, let’s get those handy dandy cellular devices and spread the word on social services like facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, myspace, photobucket, snapchat, vine and blackberry messenger.

So, let’s think BIG this year for Canada’s birthday and volunteer while you’re at it!



Grade 10 student

Christ The King Catholic Secondary

Georgetown, Ontario