TransLink launches touch-screen transit kiosks

TRANSLINK on Wednesday unveiled its first state-of-the-art commuter information kiosk at Surrey Central Station.

More than 50 of these touch-screen kiosks are set to be installed at SkyTrain stations on the Expo and Millennium lines, West Cost Express stations, SeaBus terminals, Park and Ride locations, and bus loops.

Commuters can use the kiosks to:

  • Plan their trips
  • View live transit schedules
  • See upcoming departure times
  • Be alerted to updates on the network
  • Receive emergency messages and notifications

The cost of purchasing, installing, and maintaining the kiosks is borne by TransLink’s advertising licensee Lamar, in exchange for displaying advertising when the screen is not being used by customers.

“We see this as a real win-win for TransLink and our customers,” said TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond. “Commuters will be able to access the most up-to-date transit information and plan their trips using different modes around our network. These hightech devices come in addition to existing journey planning services already available.”

In the event of any serious emergency, TransLink can take over the entire screen and use the device to alert commuters of issues or delays.

Suitable locations are now being identified with the rollout of additional kiosks to occur progressively over the coming months and into the start of next year.

This initiative is part of TransLink’s comprehensive plan to improve the customer experience on our network. These initiatives include:

Real-time touch-screen transit kiosks

  • More than 50 touch-screen transit kiosks set to be installed around the network

Real-time digital signage

  • 140 new ‘next train’ signs on platforms replacing the existing signs
  • 140 new information signs outside SkyTrain station entrances and on platforms

Better sound in stations and on trains

  • 1,000 new speakers along the Millennium Line
  • 320 speakers in stations and at designated entrances
  • Enhancing the Expo Line speakers

Better visibility on platforms and guideways

  • 1,200 CCTV platform cameras improving safety and security
  • 265 guideway cameras reducing delays when intrusion alarms are triggered