Vancouver Mayor Sim celebrates passage of industrial and tech growth initiatives

VANCOUVER City Council on Wednesday passed two important motions that will advance the City’s future as a global hub for technology and innovation while preserving and intensifying current industrial lands.

The motions, both introduced by Vancouver Mayor Ken Sim, have been met with widespread support from the business community including a letter of support from the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade. 

The first motion aims to accelerate City efforts to protect, intensify, and modernize Vancouver’s industrial land base to keep businesses and workers in Vancouver. 

“We want people to envision a future here, we want them to work here, invest here, and choose to build their lives here,” said Sim. “For Vancouver to maintain its status as the economic hub of the Lower Mainland, we must take steps to preserve, intensity, and modernize industrial land for the future of our city.” 

The second motion asks staff to support Vancouver’s growth as a global tech hub by beginning the process of promoting and establishing new tech land reserves and clusters within the city. 

“Vancouver is on the cusp of becoming a leading player in the global tech sector,” said Sim. “With a thriving startup ecosystem, a talented workforce, and businesses that are already leading the way in emerging technologies, we have everything we need for our city to emerge as a leader in innovation and creativity.” 

The two motions build on Sim’s recent commitment to renew the city’s industrial and technological future during his first “State of the City” address hosted by the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade. GVBOT President and CEO Bridgette Anderson, welcomed the motions’ passage. 

“Establishing dedicated areas for Vancouver businesses to grow and thrive will foster innovation and entrepreneurship,” said Anderson. “We are pleased to see steps being taken to preserve employment and industrial spaces in the city while establishing technology hubs and clusters that will help our region cement its reputation as a global technology centre.”