Vancouver’s COVID-19 response: Takeout container, bottled water donations needed

SINCE launching in early April, Give a Hand Vancouver has seen an outpouring of support from Vancouver businesses and organizations donating or providing low-cost offers on materials and services to aid in COVID-19 response.

Everything from masks to soap and hand sanitizer has already been provided and routed to essential services and non-governmental organizations.

In addition to these vital items, Give a Hand Vancouver is announcing an immediate need for specific items to support food and water distribution in the Downtown Eastside, including:

· Take-out containers, disposable cutlery and food packaging that can be used to provide free or low-cost meals in a hygienic and safe way to people without access to food

· Bottled water that can be given to people who are isolating or who do not have access to drinking water

“The City is focused on protecting our residents and ensuring that our most vulnerable populations have access to the services they need – including fresh food and water”, said City Manager Sadhu Johnston.

“We acknowledge that our request for take-out containers and bottled water may seem counter-intuitive for a city who has championed zero waste policies, however, our priority during these extraordinary times is doing what we can to keep our residents healthy and safe. If you are a business who is able to donate these items, we would encourage you to do so and help to hygienically feed those most affected by this pandemic.”

If you do not have items such as these but would still like to make a contribution to the COVID-19 response, you can do so by making a financial donation to the Vancouver Foundation’s Community Response Fund, which has already raised approximately $6.7 million to date.

The money raised by the Fund is being directed to support community groups doing vital work in Vancouver and 98 grants have been issued so far to organizations including SUCCESS BC and the Lookout Housing and Health Society.

For more information on how you can help Vancouver’s COVID-19 response, visit