Vision Vancouver nominates candidates for Council, Park Board and School Board

Chief Ian Campbell
Photo: Chief Campbell’s website

VISION Vancouver members have selected new candidates for Council, Park Board and School Board, who will join Vision mayoral candidate Ian Campbell on the election ticket this October.

“I’m proud to lead a new Vision team that is progressive, diverse, and represents our growing and changing city,” said Campbell on Sunday. “This election is a critical choice for the future of Vancouver. Do we choose to be bold and fight for an inclusive city, and stay committed to the Empty Homes Tax, the Broadway Subway, and strong action on the opioid crisis? Or do we let the NPA take us backwards – ignoring the toughest social challenges facing our residents including housing, transit, and the overdose crisis? That’s what Vancouver voters will have to decide on October 20.”

Vision members cast a ballot on Monday to select the new Vision team for the 2018 election. Advance voting was also held on July 4 for members.

For Council, the four new candidates who will join incumbent Councillor Heather Deal in this election are:

Diego Cardona: A social justice advocate, Diego is active in a variety of organizations including Fresh Voices, which aims to make BC and Canada a better place for immigrant and refugee youth; most recently he was Programs Coordinator for Kiwassa Neighbourhood House.

Catherine Evans: A current Park Board Commissioner and community advocate, Catherine has been a past Vancouver Library Board chair, business owner, and lawyer, and is passionate about equality, the environment, and inclusive, accessible public spaces.

Tanya Paz: A leader in active transportation, car sharing, sustainability, and community planning — she’s also a proud #WestEndYVR resident and advocate for safer streets, better transit, and building our green economy.

Wei Qiao Zhang: A former athlete, talk show host, community leader, and assistant to Vancouver Member of Parliament, with the skills and track record to shape the future and better the lives of Vancouverites.


Vision Vancouver members nominated two candidates for Park Board:

Shamim Shivji: Lawyer, mediator and former president of West Point Grey Community Association who is dedicated to meaningful community engagement.

Cameron Zubko: Metis business owner with 20 years of experience building partnerships and infrastructure across the country, and who also serves on the City of Vancouver’s Urban Indigenous Peoples’ Advisory Committee where he works with city councillors to advise city policy.


Vision has also acclaimed the following two candidates for School Board, who will join incumbent Allan Wong on the ballot in October:

Aaron Leung: A public education advocate, an engaged resident of Champlain Heights and a locally and nationally recognized leader for his work supporting students on sustainability-related issues at the Vancouver School Board, which included co-founding the VSB Sustainability Conference.

Erin Arnold: A parent and an experienced professional in counselling, victim services, and facilitation, and who is familiar with government policy and process after working within multiple provincial government ministries.

You can learn more about all the Vision candidates by reading their online profiles here.

“I’m looking forward to a spirited election campaign this fall,” said Campbell. “Vision will be putting forward a bold, progressive plan for the future of our city and we will be working hard to rally all progressive voters around a shared vision for Vancouver. There is too much at stake for our city to risk the NPA winning in October.”