When Wilkinson told protestors to bring “embarrassment and disrepute onto the government”

THE BC NDP pointed out on Wednesday that BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson on Tuesday declined to fill in the gaps on his detail-free vague idea of stopping protests. But when Wilkinson was President of the BC Civil Liberties Association – in 1994, six years after he left medicine – he literally wrote the manual on civil disobedience. 

Wilkinson penned a set of rules for getting arrested in a way that is “truly within the frame of civil disobedience” in which he recommended that protestors stage arrests in high-profile places to maximize publicity.

Wilkinson wrote: “protestors must accept the penalties with equanimity, knowing it is the law, not them, that is wrong.” 

He continued: “Protestors must maximize publicity in influential and favorable places, so that their punishment brings embarrassment and disrepute onto the government.”

A 1994 Vancouver Sun editorial citing Wilkinson’s protest guide is available here.