Why should you trust ICBC and the NDP?: BC Liberals

THE BC Liberals on Thursday said that Premier John Horgan and the NDP have announced they are taking away the rights of accident victims and giving ICBC full responsibility for the care for those injured in car accidents.

“With today’s announcement, the NDP just abolished your right to compensation for pain and suffering if you’re injured in a car accident,” said MLA Andrew Wilkinson, BC Liberal Leader. “Under this new scheme, if you’re seriously injured in an accident the NDP will force you to deal with ICBC for the rest of your life, giving you no choice but to deal with the state-run monopoly.”

“B.C. drivers need more affordable rates – that’s especially true for young drivers – and they need it now,” added Jas Johal, MLA for Richmond-Queensborough. “This NDP scheme is nothing more than an election trick with sky-high rates set to continue through this year and the promise to lower them only coming after the next election. It’s offensive to ask British Columbians to put even more faith in ICBC, which is a broken system that most people already don’t trust.”

“Why aren’t we being offered the Saskatchewan model where drivers can choose either no-fault or the current system of lump-sum settlements, with no difference in premiums?” said Wilkinson. “People deserve choice in insurance and they deserve it now. We will continue to stand up for B.C. drivers and insurance choice while Horgan and the NDP fight for ICBC instead of you.”