Will Wilkinson and B.C. Liberals finally accept responsibility for allowing spread of dirty money to go unchecked?

Andrew Wilkinson

THE NDP is hammering away at B.C. Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson and his party about the B.C. casinos scandal.


This is what the NDP came up with on Tuesday:


Every day we learn more about how the B.C. Liberals allowed money laundering to spread unchecked in B.C. casinos — and almost every day, they try harder to avoid responsibility.

Jas Johal

When asked about the decision to close the Integrated Integrated Illegal Gaming Enforcement Team (IIGET), Johal said that decision was made on advice from law enforcement “because it was a waste of resources.” (CBC, June 27, 2018)

To set the record straight, the RCMP issued the following statement:
“At times, government is briefed on sensitive information concerning police investigation that cannot be released. However, it was the decision of government to disband the IIGET.” (News 1130, June 27, 2018)

Andrew Wilkinson

“My understanding is that the conclusion of the law enforcement officials is that it wasn’t an effective approach…If the law enforcement officials come to the senior government officials and recommend that an approach is ineffective, obviously it’s time to re-gig and do something differently.” (CBC, June 28, 2018)


Rich Coleman        

When asked why he disbanded the unit weeks after getting a report from IIGET warning of money laundering: “Because it wasn’t effective. That was the assessment by the senior people, […] It wasn’t working.” (CKNW, July 5, 2018) do something differently.” (CBC, June 28, 2018)


But, for all the BC Liberals’ contradictions, the former head of IIGET, Fred Pinnock is clear about who needs to accept responsibility:
“Fault lies at the feet of the B.C. Liberals while they were in government,” said Pinnock. “They all knew what was going on in those casinos […] It was wild west in those large casinos where organized criminal activity was running amok.” (Global NewsJuly 10, 2018)

Ravi Kahlon, New Democrat MLA for Delta North:
“Enough is enough. Every sign points to the fact that the B.C. Liberals knew what was going on, and they chose to ignore it. I think it is due time that Andrew Wilkinson and the B.C. Liberals face the music and take responsibility for their actions.”


Anne Kang, New Democrat MLA for Burnaby-Deer Lake:
“The B.C. Liberals tried to silence the advice of police, and even fired an investigator. Seeing them continuously blame the RCMP on dirty money is shameful. Andrew Wilkinson and the B.C. Liberals need to accept responsibility.”