Yet another attack on Kevin Falcon by NDP

EVEN as former deputy premier Kevin Falcon prepares to announce his bid for the leadership of the BC Liberal Party, the NDP unleashed yet another attack on him.

The NDOP said in a press release that for 12 years, Falcon helped the BC Liberals give huge tax breaks to the richest British Columbians while cutting services and raising costs on everyone else.

It added that Falcon himself took dozens of actions to make life harder for people, including:

And his own words since then show that his ideas haven’t changed:

In 2017, he even backed Maxime Bernier’s racist campaign for federal Conservative Leader.

Surrey NDP MLA Garry Begg said: “For 12 years, Kevin Falcon helped the BC Liberals give tax breaks to the richest British Columbians. To pay for it, he increased MSP premiums, Hydro, and ICBC. He put tolls on the Port Mann bridge. Now, he wants to cancel the speculation tax and give a break to the wealthiest 1%. British Columbians will pay the price with service cuts and higher costs, just like last time.”