Yudh 2013 International Gatka Tournament


This year for the first time the 11th annual International Yudh Gatka tournament will take place in New York City! That’s right- that means this year’s Yudh has reached an ultimate standing of a multi-national level competition. Competitors from all across the world will showcase their skills in a series of battles and demos to uphold the title as North American Yudh Champion.

Yudh will be taking place on Sunday August 4th, 2013 in Richmond Hill, Queens, NY at Gurdwara Sikh Cultural Society (95-30 118th St) ! The program commences at noon and ends at 7 P.M at Gurdwara Sikh Cultural Society . The New York Sikh community is ecstatic to promote this move and widespread event as it has finally come back to the East as its successful turn out in New Jersey in 2009 4 years ago! We hope to make this an uplifting and exciting event for all! Also, we endeavor that this event will help raise awareness and promote a sense of tolerance and acceptance. Competitors attending from California, Maryland, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, U.K. and India.

The program for this year is as follows:
There will be a Fahri Soti competition and spinning competition. As per the Fahri Soti competition, for Singhs and Kaurs.

There is over $10000 in cash prizes to be won. A grand prize of $1100 will be awarded to the winner of this year’s Yudh gatka tournament. So please register early if you are a competitor and secure your spot in your chance to win!

The tournament is, but another initiative to promote Sikhi on the part of the Canadian Organziation of Sikh Students (COSS). If you are someone you know would like to volunteer, sponsor or help out in any way or simply attend the event, please contact Jasdev Singh at 416-835-1909 If you would like more information on the event (rules and regulations) or about the awarding of prizes please visit www.Yudh.net.