ACT Now Surrey candidates for Surrey School Board

Niovi Patsicakis

ACT Now Surrey’s has a three-person slate for Surrey School Board.

“Action, consultation, and transparency has long been lacking in School District 36,” says retired teacher Niovi Patsicakis, who has been advocating for Surrey’s students for over 25 years. “On the district’s website it states that: ‘The board is responsible for establishing policies, ensuring implementation and monitoring the results within the school district. The initiation and review of new and existing policies […] is maintained through extensive consultation with stakeholder groups such as parents, staff, students and community members.’ Current Board of Trustees have not consulted enough with those they serve. That is why we are stepping forward and asking Surrey voters to ACT Now to ensure public education and the future of Surrey are bright.”

ACT Now Surrey says its three-person slate represents teachers, parents, and community members: Niovi Patsicakis, Aronjit Lageri and Dupinder Kaur Saran.

During her teaching career Niovi Patsicakis has worked as a classroom and learning support teacher; served as President of the Association of Surrey Specialist Educators; run the Surrey Gifted / Gifted LD Parents Network. According to the group: “Niovi works tirelessly for the betterment of Surrey and the world through her roles on the Boards of Directors of the Surrey Global Peace Alliance, the Canadian Peace Initiative and the Surrey Hospice Society. She is running for School Trustee this fall to ensure that the Surrey School Board meets the court-ordered staffing requirements, and provide students with adequate educational programs and resources. She wants to bring an educator’s insight into Trustee decision making. She is committed to taking a stand for your children and their right to a quality education, which includes asking for close scrutiny of the upcoming new provincial funding model before it is enacted.”

Aronjit Lageri

Aronjit Lageri, who lives in the Newton Area, is currently a manager with Centric Health for the Medical Imaging Division and Staff. He also works in MRI services at Royal Columbian Hospital. Previously, he was a clinical educator and lecturer at Lake Michigan Collegefor over 18 years. He continues to provide clinical mentorship to students as he holds an instructor status from the Michener Institute of Applied Health Sciences, continuing his interaction of many years with students, parents, volunteers, patients and teachers. Father to three children, he is focused on creating policies that will serve the community as well as building strong student leadership. He feels that introducing to high schools such award winning programs as L.A. Matheson’s Mustang Justice Program is an example of how instill the values of social service, social responsibility and dedication to systemic solutions to community issues. “Building a strong foundation for our students today, who will be tomorrow’s leaders, is what drives my passion to be a school trustee for Surrey School Board,” says Lageri.

Dupinder Kaur Saran

Dupinder Kaur Saran has been a Registered Nurse for 20 years, worked with Fraser Health as well as HealthLinkBC, and recently launched a local business, Nurse On the Go Home and Healthcare Services, where she sits as CEO. Saran is a volunteer with Akal Academy, a non-profit organization serving youth. She is a Director with Sikh Seva Foundation which assists international students, and a volunteer with Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen, as well as an active volunteer at her son’s school. Saran is aware of the challenges and needs of our children and is particularly concerned with providing them learning environments which focus on physical and mental health. “We can do more to help children living in poverty and attending inner-city schools such as improving nutrition programs.We need to work on securing additional funding to help eliminate portables as they are not healthy,” she says.

ACT Now Surrey says its trustee candidates are focused on meeting the needs of Surrey’s very diverse population, providing resources and training for staff and students. They will prioritize mental and physical health for kids, teachers, school employees and the community; ensure equity of access for students of all cultures and learning abilities in all areas of Surrey and take action on important issues following consultation, and provide transparency in all Board policy and direction.

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