Andrew Scheer is the new federal Conservative Party leader; Trudeau urges Liberals to raise funds now for next election

Andrew Scheer

SASKATCHEWAN MP Andrew Scheer, 38, former Speaker of the House of Commons, is the new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

He knocked out front-runner Quebec MP Maxime Bernier, 54, in the last round of voting, at the Saturday convention in Toronto.

In the first round of voting, Bernier won 28.89 per cent of the vote as compared to Scheer’s 21.8. But in the 13th and final round, as others dropped out, he beat Bernier with just under 50.95 per cent of the vote. More than 140,000 votes were cast.

Scheer told the media: “Each and every kind of conservative plays an important role. The leader’s role is to find common ground among all those types of conservatives.”


MEANWHILE, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued the following appeal to Liberal Party supporters on Sunday:

“We now know who our competition is – and all of our progress for a stronger middle class is at stake.

“Leadership contests are a chance to connect with more Canadians, to welcome new and returning members, and to raise funds for the next election.

“The Conservative Party just elected Andrew Scheer as their new permanent leader.

“The NDP will be choosing theirs later this year.

“And history has shown that these things matter. We need to be ready for the months ahead.

” … We can’t afford to sit back and say, “I’ll wait and make a donation in 2019,” or “I’ll volunteer when we get a bit closer to the election.”

“We need to be working hard now, too.

“That’s why I’m asking you to step up and join the 2,067 Canadians who have already given online this month, and make a donation of $30 or more now.”