B.C. to receive almost $55 million to help stop gun crime and gang violence

PUBLIC Safety Minister Marco Mendicino on Monday announced that the Government of Canada will be investing $390 million in programs to help stop gun crime and gang violence before it starts.

The Government will provide this funding over the next five years to provinces and territories to support a variety of initiatives, including support for law enforcement and prevention programs.

Mendicino said: “The safety and security of Canadians is our government’s top priority. The best way to keep people safe is to stop crime and violence before it starts. Today’s announcement will give additional resources to law enforcement, support young people in making good choices and help our communities thrive. Strong prevention strategies like these are central pillar in our plan to ensure Canadians are safe in their communities.”

This funding builds on the success of the initial Initiative to Take Action Against Gun and Gang Violence (ITAAGGV), announced in 2017. ITAAAGGV funding has been used by provinces to for an array of important efforts to combat gun and gang violence. Quebec has used it for Operation Centaur, a provincewide initiative that reinforces police with specialized units, disrupts firearms trafficking and prevents crime.

In British Columbia, funding supports the Organized Crime Agency of British Columbia, a dedicated police agency to fight gun smuggling, drug trafficking and other forms of organized crime.

No single program or initiative can tackle the challenge of gun crime on its own. ITAAGGV is one of many elements in the government’s plan to keep Canadians safe. This begins with strong borders, where the government has invested nearly half a billion dollars in border security and deepened cooperation with the United States to fight gun smuggling.

It also includes legislation, headlined by Bill C-21, the government’s strongest legislation combatting gun violence, and upcoming bail reform.

Finally, it involves strong prevention strategies, such as the major investments announced on Monday.

Jurisdiction 5 years’ allocation 2018-2023 5 years’ allocation 2024-2029 Amount of increase
Newfoundland and Labrador $1,843,987 $3,571,502 $1,727,515
Prince Edward Island $1,550,001 $3,339,999 $1,789,998
Nova Scotia $4,731,447 $8,721,925 $3,990,478
New Brunswick $2,709,797 $5,226,285 $2,516,488
Quebec $46,662,623 $84,829,383 $38,166,760
Ontario $65,539,130 $121,465,792 $55,926,662
Manitoba $13,347,624 $23,120,649 $9,773,025
Saskatchewan $11,897,077 $20,587,709 $8,690,632
Alberta $29,862,806 $53,030,401 $23,167,595
British Columbia $30,530,488 $54,727,173 $24,196,685
Yukon $2,250,735 $3,998,194 $1,747,459
Northwest Territories $2,250,735 $3,998,194 $1,747,459
Nunavut $2,250,735 $3,998,194 $1,747,459
TOTALS $215,427,185 $390,615,400 $175,188,215


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