BC Liberals side with price-gouging oil companies (again): NDP

THE NDP said on Tuesday that BC Liberals are already putting up road blocks to new NDP legislation that forces companies to be publicly accountable for gas prices.

Instead of backing the legislation, BC Liberal Environment Critic Peter Milobar is concerned the law will infringe on the privacy of the oil companies:

“I guess the one concerning piece of the legislation I’ve seen at this first blush is that it talks a good game about trying to protect sensitive information that companies will have to provide in terms of their competitive advantage information. But then in the very next clause it says the administrator of this new legislation will have the authority to override that if they deem that that information is still needed for the public. So I don’t know what certainty and faith the companies are going to have in this legislation.” (CKNW, Nov 18)

It’s just the latest way the BC Liberals have defended big oil on price-gouging, said the NDP.

When Premier John Horgan raised concerns about gouging in April, BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson accused him of “making up these demons.” (CKNW, April 25)

And last week, Wilkinson still refused to acknowledge price-gouging despite a BCUC report confirming the oil companies couldn’t account for 13 cents/litre. That adds up to an extra $490 million at the pump for BC drivers every year.

Bruce Ralston, Minister of Jobs, Trade, and Technology, said: “It’s disappointing that the first reaction from Andrew Wilkinson’s BC Liberals is about protecting big oil and not about the $490 million that is taken every year from people across British Columbia. When given the choice between protecting people’s wallets and protecting oil companies, the BC Liberals are still putting their wealthy friends first.”