Brazilian Soccer School Finds First North American Home at Richmond Olympic Oval

Brazilian Soccer Schools, the world’s leading technical soccer coaching program has made the Richmond Olympic Oval its first home in North America.

Brazilian Soccer Schools (BSS), whose graduates include world-class players like England’s Wayne Rooney, Micah Richards, Michael Owen and Theo Walcott, is aimed at maximizing the natural skills of young soccer players between the ages of 5 and 16. BSS training allows players to become confident technically more quickly than other conventional youth soccer programs.

The program at the Oval is headed by Richmond Youth Soccer Association Technical Director Huw Harris. Growing up in England, Harris played both soccer and rugby competitively. He has coached a variety of sports and various levels including soccer for the last 12 years in Richmond.

“I have been looking for something different in terms of coaching,” he says. “A methodology and philosophy which could fundamentally change how we approach coaching soccer to kids in this country.”

Created in England by former educator Simon Clifford in 1996, BSS exclusively uses weighted size 1 and 2 Futebol de Salao balls and a unique training methodology – based on fun, challenging and achievable milestones – that provides the ability to measure each child’s technical development. Brazilian Soccer Schools now operate worldwide across all 5 continents.

“The teaching methodology makes sense logically,” says Harris. “The introduction of the Skills Badge Scheme applies measurement that both children and parents enjoy.”

Parents, children (age 6-12) and media are invited to a BSS demo session at the Richmond Olympic Oval on Sunday, September 8, 2013 from 2-3pm. Kids will be taken through a unique and fun training session while parents will be educated on the BSS philosophy and model. To RSVP, e-mail Huw Harris at