Burnaby RCMP Constable Harinder Paul Singh Pabla loses six days’ pay


 BURNABY RCMP Constable Harinder Paul Singh Pabla has lost six days’ pay for using foul language in an argument with a woman over a parking spot.

The RCMP adjudicator felt that Pabla should have handled the situation differently as he had 16 years of experience in the RCMP, a local newspaper reported.

However, last year Pabla was acquitted of assault in the case. Jessica Olive, 23, had testified in Surrey Provincial Court how Pabla wouldn’t stop following her at the Willowbrook Shopping Centre in Langley on December 31, 2011, after he accused her of taking his parking spot and didn’t seem to accept her apology.

In the back and forth that followed she kicked the officer in the shin and he showed her his badge and told her he would press charges. She accused him of verbally assaulting her.

When he continued to follow her, she hit him with her purse and the officer hit her in the face. Some people then intervened and called police.

The Crown prosecutor had said that he expected the main issue would be whether the officer acted in self-defence.