City of Vancouver: Beat the heat!

WITH Environment Canada issuing a special weather statement for hot weather for the region, the City of Vancouver is reminding residents to stay safe, drink water, and check on others.

In response to the predicted high temperatures, the City is taking a number of steps to help residents and visitors to Vancouver can keep cool and remain hydrated, these include:

The following measures and resources are in place to ensure the public remains cool and hydrated:

  • Cooling centres have opened at air-conditioned community centres and libraries. Locations and hours are available on the City website.
  • Emergency service personnel and volunteers are being particularly vigilant for people exhibiting signs of heat exhaustion.
  • Eight temporary water fountains have been installed. The locations of these, and the permanent fountains, can be found on the City website and on VanConnect.
  • Community centres in the Downtown East Side will ensure water and sunscreen are available for homeless and vulnerable people, and staff will practice extra vigilance in ensuring the safety of those most at risk.
  • The City’s housing operations will also be implementing a hot weather support plan for tenants. Most of the City’s tenanted buildings have air conditioned lobbies or common spaces where tenants can cool off. Where this is not the case, building managers will encourage the tenants to take refuge in the community centres such as Evelyne Saller, Carnegie Centre and Gathering Place, which all have air conditioned rooms.
  • A push-button operated misting station is active at Oppenheimer Park
  • Providing additional information via and the VanConnect app to ensure people are aware of the special weather statement and can access the information they need.


Tips for staying cool

  • Dress for heat: Wear a wide-brimmed hat; lightweight, long-sleeved clothing; and sunscreen.
  • Take it easy: Avoid strenuous activity and exercise, particularly if you have a respiratory or cardiac condition or diabetes.
  • Stay hydrated: Fill up your water bottle at one of our drinking fountains, including temporary fountains that are set up during heat waves.
  • Moderate your alcohol consumption: The effects of hot weather are exacerbated by alcohol therefore drink responsibly.
  • Protect your loved ones: Never leave a child or pet in a closed car or in the direct sun.
  • Look out for others: Remember that the very young, the elderly, people with chronic respiratory, cardiac and mental illnesses and those who are unable to move to a cool area are most vulnerable. If you see someone struggling, call 9-1-1 and if you can, help the person cool off with water to the face and neck until emergency services arrive.
  • Cool off: Visit an air-conditioned community centre or library, or enjoy a wading pool, outdoor pool, water park, or spray park.

o   Find an air conditioned facility

o   Find a pool or water park

o   Take your dog to an off-leash park with water access

Care for your pets

This weather is also hard on animals as they are especially susceptible to heat.

Animals with fur coats are not able to cool themselves down easily and can overheat very quickly, so leaving animals at home can be much safer.

The temperature in a parked car can heat rapidly, so it’s extremely dangerous to leave an animal unattended in a vehicle.

If you see an animal in distress please report it to the BC SPCA immediately.

The following dog parks have access to water for your pets:

  • New Brighton Park – Off leash park
  • Crab Park at Portside – Off leash Park
  • John Hendry Dog Park – Off leash Park
  • Sunset Beach – Off leash park
  • Devonian Harbour – Off leash
  • Hadden Park – Off leash park
  • Spanish Banks – Off leash park

For detailed information on health safety during hot weather, visit Vancouver Coastal Health’s hot weather information .

View more information to stay safe in the summer heat.