Conservative Leader Scheer introduces plan to combat gang crimes; slams Trudeau for failing to deal with problem

Andrew Scheer               Photo by Vinnie Combow

CONSERVATIVE Party Leader Andrew Scheer on Thursday unveiled the first of his three-part plan for a safer Canada, titled “Cracking Down on Gangs.”

Scheer said: “Gang violence is unfortunately becoming more and more common on our otherwise safe streets and Canadians are worried about their safety. Conservatives will put an end to the revolving door for gang members. A Conservative government will take action to make it easier for police to target gang members and put them where they belong: behind bars.”

He said that more than half of firearms homicides are gang-related and pointed out that Canadians are increasingly concerned by violent gang crime in our cities and accused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for failing to implement solutions to combat this growing problem.

“Justin Trudeau is softening penalties for gang crimes to as little as an administrative fine. This failure has real consequences for Canadians. It puts them at risk by letting violent gang members remain at large on our streets,” said Scheer.

Scheer’s plan consists of the following proposals:


  1. Ending automatic bail for gang members

Right now, even the most notorious gang members are entitled to bail. That means dangerous criminals who are known to police often go right back out on the streets. This is a dangerous risk to our communities and wastes valuable police resources.  A Conservative government under Scheer will change that and make sure that arrested repeat gang offenders will be held without bail.


  1. Identifying gangs in the Criminal Code

Every time prosecutors go after gang members, they must first prove to the court that their gangs are criminal organizations. This includes well-known gangs like MS-13 and the Hells Angels.  This makes no sense and is another huge waste of resources. A Conservative government under Scheer will create and maintain a list of proven criminal organizations which will help law enforcement prosecute gang members faster.


  1. Revoking parole for gang members

Parole is a privilege, not a right. Currently, paroled offenders are required to abstain from drugs and alcohol and promise to keep the peace. A Conservative government under Scheer will also require those on parole to cut ties with gangs. Statistics show offenders are more likely to re-offend on parole if they’re in a gang.  If you’re associating with gangs while on parole, you go back to jail.


  1. Tougher sentences for ordering gang crime

Right now, gang leaders who order others to commit crimes can receive very short sentences in prisons, often served alongside other gang members. A Conservative government under Scheer will bring in mandatory sentences in federal prison for directing gang crime, sending a strong message to gang members that they belong behind bars.


  1. New sentences for violent gang crime

Gang-related murders, assaults, robberies and other violent acts are steadily on the rise and pose the biggest threat to Canadians’ safety. A Conservative government under Scheer will create new offences for committing and ordering violent gang crime and attach mandatory sentences in federal prison for each.