David Sidoo pleads not guilty in Boston district court

Dave Sidoo
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DAVID Sidoo pleaded not guilty in Boston district court on Friday.

According to tweets by Chris Villani, courts reporter for @Law360, Sidoo was released on $1.5 million bond. He will be allowed to return to Vancouver and not allowed to travel outside of the U.S. or Canada. He has been ordered not to speak to anyone else charged in the college admissions scheme.

Sidoo’s case returns to court April 18, but he will not be forced to attend.

Villani tweeted: “Sidoo & his legal team held a very brief media availability, saying they would address the allegations in court. Asked why, given the evidence against Sidoo, he would plead not guilty, attorney David Chesnoff said “because he’s not guilty.””

He added: “Through the publicist that accompanied him to court, David Sidoo said he’s “looking forward to contesting the charges in a well respected court and not in the media.””

Villani tweeted: “I’ve covered more than a few arraignments / initial appearances in my time & this is the first I can recall a defendant bringing along his or her publicist.”