Delay in ICBC’s rate application

ATTORNEY General David Eby announced on Thursday that the government has directed a delay in ICBC’s rate application until February in order to do the necessary financial analysis of two sets of planned reforms currently underway to help reduce costs, and by extension, car insurance rates.

In a statement, Eby said: “After years of the previous government’s mismanagement of ICBC, British Columbians are paying too much for car insurance. We have much work ahead to get these costs down for families.”

Eby added: “First, we are working on reforms to respond to a recent court decision striking our limit on expert reports and associated costs. Second, we are working on additional reforms in the tort system that will help to reduce costs and have a positive impact on any required rate changes.”

Eby said: “We will not ask ICBC to put forward a 2020 rate application based on an incomplete financial picture. Instead, we will wait until that work is complete to ensure any rate changes are based on the actual costs anticipated in the year ahead.”