Delta Police’s program keeps violent individuals away from local businesses

DELTA Police Department says its Inadmissible Patron Program is a successful crime prevention tool that isn’t well known outside of participating businesses.

This public safety initiative between Delta businesses and the DPD is designed to deter individuals involved in serious or violent criminal activities from seeking entry into participating businesses. For example, people wearing gang colours or ‘support’ clothing are explicitly forbidden from these establishments. Business participation is identified by a window decal at the entrances.

Recent statistics tell the tale of the program’s impact. From October 2018 to March 2019, DPD officers conducted an average of 20 checks per month, ejecting two to three parties each month from participating Delta establishments.

The DPD District Community Police Offices are responsible for the program, as they are well positioned to capitalize on the links between the community-based officers and local businesses.

“Our goal is to make Delta and these establishments an undesirable place for people involved in the drug trade, organized crime, weapons, and violence,” says Superintendent Harj Sidhu, head of the Community Policing Bureau. The program has been in place for approximately 10 years and Sidhu oversaw its design to ensure it met legal requirements under the Trespass Act.

“It’s been very successful,” he says. “We’ve had no gun related activities at any of our registered establishments. The majority of the time those asked to leave just pay the bill and move on.”

Businesses and organizations wanting more information on the DPD Inadmissible Patron Program are asked to contact their local District Community Police Office.