Dial-A-Law joins forces with People’s Law School

THE Law Foundation of British Columbia, Canadian Bar Association, BC Branch (CBABC) and People’s Law School on Wednesday announced that Dial-A-Law is now available through the People’s Law School. In 1983, CBABC identified a need for public access to legal information on a variety of law topics. With funding from the Law Foundation of British Columbia, CBABC initiated Dial-A-Law, featuring over 125 scripts of legal information written and edited by volunteer lawyers in British Columbia.

“The Law Foundation invests in a number of Public Legal Education and Information initiatives. Dial-A-Law is one of those and for many years CBABC has grown it into a solid, respected resource serving thousands every month,” said Law Foundation of BC’s Executive Director Wayne Robertson. “As we looked closely at Dial-A-Law’s future,” he continued, “it became clear that the People’s Law School was its natural home with its long history of serving the public as the first organization in Canada dedicated to educating the public about law.”

The People’s Law School was created in 1972 as a non-profit society dedicated to making the law accessible to everyone. The school provides free education and information to help all British Columbians understand the legal problems of everyday life. Increasingly, the school’s focus is on technology to improve access and to address the needs of people looking to prevent or resolve law-related matters.

“People’s Law School is committed to maintaining and modernizing Dial-A-Law, available online and by phone,” said Executive Director Patricia Byrne. “Starting today, British Columbians will see a refreshed website, dialalaw.ca. Legal information is presented in plain language and in a format that’s visually interesting and easy to scan.”

She added: “British Columbians who access our phone service will also find our recordings simplified so it’s easier to find the information you need. People’s Law School will employ emerging technologies to keep Dial-A-Law responsive and relevant”.

People’s Law School said Dial-A-Law fits the school’s mission to provide British Columbians with everyday legal information. Learn more at dialalaw.ca