HousingHub added to long list of Eby’s housing failures: BC Liberals

THE BC Liberals said on Wednesday that despite being promised as the solution for ‘affordable’ middle class housing, homes built through Premier David Eby’s HousingHub fund are now being rented for hundreds of dollars above the prices advertised by the NDP — with some units even showing up on Airbnb.

“The Premier can try to cover it up, but his flagship HousingHub fund is failing to deliver affordable housing for the middle class,” said Karin Kirkpatrick, BC Liberal Critic for Housing. “There are units renting for more than double what the NDP promised, including studio apartments that cost $1,550 per month — how is this the affordable housing that Eby promised? Now, we are even seeing units built with taxpayer dollars for rent on Airbnb for hundreds of dollars a night. HousingHub should be building good, affordable homes, not luxury vacation rentals.”

The BC Liberals said that in addition to the problems with HousingHub, during his time as minister responsible for housing, Eby presided over chaos and mismanagement at BC Housing, failed to deliver the long-promised $400 renters’ rebate and increase the much-needed housing supply, and watched as B.C. housing prices reached historic levels. Recently, Eby announced a housing ‘refresh’, hoping British Columbians will forget his years-long record of failures.

“Eby is asking the people of B.C. to trust that this time he will suddenly be able to deliver housing affordability when for years we watched him utterly fail to make progress as the minister responsible for housing,” said Kirkpatrick. “We cannot forget that under Eby’s leadership housing affordability didn’t just remain out of reach, it got dramatically worse. Vancouver became the most expensive rental market in the country, B.C. housing prices reached record highs, and more people than ever struggle to afford a home. Eby and his NDP government clearly have no idea how to improve affordability, and he cannot fool British Columbians into thinking that somehow this time will be any different.

“Whether it’s his dismal record on building new housing, the still-missing $400 renters’ rebate, or his failing HousingHub fund, Eby has made it clear that he is not capable of delivering the housing that B.C. needs.”

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