ICCR filmmaking competition for Indian diaspora, and foreign students and alumni

THE Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) in collaboration with Routes2Roots, which is a non-profit Non-Governmental Organization, has organized a video making/filmmaking competition with the objective to connect with the Indian Diaspora living abroad and with foreign students and alumni who are presently studying in India or have studied earlier. The competition is from May 9 to July 25.

The competition is being organized on the following themes and sub-themes for different age groups:

(i)         Indian Diaspora

Theme Age Group No. of Prizes
My roots, My ancestral (i) 18-25 years;

(ii) 26-50 years;

(iii) Above 50 years

3 prizes in each age group and Theme
Away from India: What do I miss the most?
Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam : World as my family

(ii)        Foreign Alumni of India

Theme Age Group No. of Prizes
Learning in India, Learning from India (i) 18-35 years;

(ii) 36-50 years;

(iii) Above 50 years

3 prizes in each age group and Theme
India: My home away from home
Indian Culture: Imprints on my mind


The participants are required to upload their videos on the link https://www.routes2roots.com/ICCR-film-making. The entries of participants will be judged by jury members selected by the ICCR. The best entries in each of the categories, themes and sub-themes will be awarded prize money as follows:

First Prize – $ 500,

Second Prize – $ 300

Third Prize – $ 200 (or in Indian Rupee equivalents).

Detailed guidelines and procedures of the competition are at the web link: