Indian Consul General Manish visits PICS Society and Guru Nanak Niwas

INDIAN Consul General Manish on Monday visited Progressive Inter Cultural Service (PICS) Society office and the Senior’s Housing Facility (Guru Nanak Niwas). He was accompanied by Consul Manjish Grover and Consul Rahul Negi.

Manish was pleased to see the quality of services being provided to new immigrants, seniors, farmworkers, women and youth.

“I am happy to note PICS Society’s contribution to the community in British Columbia through such a broad range of programs for not just new immigrants, but many marginalized women and seniors. Our consulate is always there to listen and support people from India and will continue working with community organizations in the best capacity that we can”, said Manish.

While visiting the Senior’s Housing Facility, he applauded the PICS team for setting up and maintaining a world-class facility that ensures seniors of all backgrounds can receive everyday care in their native culture (primarily South Asian), from food to religious practices. He is very optimistic that the Guru Nanak Diversity Village (long-term care home) will fill a much-needed gap in senior’s care here in British Columbia and he has offered to support this important community project for senior citizens in whatever capacity his office can.

PICS C.E.O. Satbir Cheema said: “I want to thank Mr. Manish for taking the time to visit PICS. Your presence and willingness to listen to the concerns of seniors means a lot to us and the residents.”

The Consulate General office provides variety of services to Non- Resident Indian:


NRI Certificate
Police Clearance Certificate
Life Certificate
Surrender of Nationality
Certificate of Date of Birth
Important Notice
Advisories for travellers to India
Registration of birth of a Canada born child of Indian parents
New Visa fee with effect from 1 April 2017
Registration of death and transportation of ashes/dead body to India