Indian Prime Minister Modi concerned over his country’s skewed sex ratio

New Delhi (IANS): Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tuesday expressed concern over the skewed sex ratio in India and blamed a “defect in attitude” towards girls and boys for it.

“There is a lot of worry because of the sex ratio in India. For every 1,000 boys, the number of girls is less. And the main reason for this is that there is a defect in our attitudes towards boys and girls,” he said addressing a special episode of Mann Ki Baat, his regular radio address to the nation which he conducted jointly with US President Barack Obama.

Modi said the US president’s life was an inspiration as far as the girl child was concerned. “The way he has brought up his two daughters, the way he is proud of his two daughters…”

“In our country too, I meet many families who have only daughters. And they bring up their daughters with such pride, give them such respect, that is the biggest inspiration,” he said.

“I believe that inspiration is our strength,” Modi said, adding that to save the girl child, to educate the girl child, “is our social duty, cultural duty, and humanitarian responsibility”.