RATTAN’S RUMBLE: How come Premier Christy Clark and her Liberals failed to send Republic Day of India greetings?!

Premier Christy Clark
Premier Christy Clark

WHAT the hell are Premier Christy Clark’s highly paid publicity dudes up to?

Asleep at the switch or too busy planning how to slam those annoying NDP guys who are always digging up some dirt about the Liberals?

But, hey wake up and smell the curry … it was India’s Republic Day on January 26 and it was a very special one for Indians all around the world with none other than U.S. President Barack Obama being the special guest in New Delhi and all the world media focussing on that!


Is anybody home?

Where was the traditional Republic Day greetings after all that deafening noise about B.C.’s relations with India and the Liberals’ outreach to South Asians in B.C.?

The NDP were up-to-speed about it with their leader John Horgan sending the traditional greetings well ahead of our weekly deadline of Friday morning, as the paper hits the newsstands on Friday night-early Saturday morning.

I thought ‘ok these guys will probably send it on Republic Day itself” – BUT nothing came all day Monday.


Is anyone home?

Thanks for the snub, Christy!


Last year’s greetings from the Premier: