NDP calls on Conservatives to stop playing politics about crime situation in Surrey

Jinny Sims
Jinny Sims

THE NDP claimed on Wednesday that after being pushed by it in the House of Commons, the Conservative government has finally approved the city of Surrey’s request for 100 more RCMP officers. The NDP welcomes the approval, but calls on the Conservatives to provide clear timelines for when officers will arrive and when boots will be on the ground in Surrey.

“Unfortunately it took a crisis to compel the Conservatives to react to the situation in Surrey. We are glad the Conservatives have folded to NDP pressure to help the people of Surrey, but it is not enough,” said NDP MP Jinny Sims (Newton—North Delta). “They need to show a real commitment and help the people of Surrey today. People are scared and the community is devastated.”

Following Tuesday’s press conference hosted by Conservative MP Nina Grewal and National Revenue Minister Kerry-Lynne Findlay, the NDP said it is calling on the Conservative government to stop playing politics and to provide a clear timeline for the implementation of the 100 allocated RCMP officers and funding for Surrey.

“Conservatives must stop playing partisan political games with public safety and start protecting the public in Surrey. We need a clear timeline as to when the funding and 100 RCMP officers will be on the ground in Surrey,” said NDP MP Jasbir Sandhu (Surrey North). “The minister said it herself; she doesn’t know when the aid will come. Six months? One year? Three years? They are again failing to deliver in the safety of the people of Surrey. Surrey needs help now.”

Both Sims and Sandhu are co-sponsoring motions before the House of Commons related to crime in Surrey. Sandhu’s motion asks for increased and ongoing funding for gang prevention and Sims’ motion is for more RCMP officers in the Surrey area.



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