NDP deals ‘No’ to BC jobs: B.C. Liberals

Greg Kyllo
Greg Kyllo

AFTER months of bluffing in an attempt to convince British Columbians they support the creation of an LNG industry, the BC NDP have finally shown their cards – a pair of jokers – and said clearly they are not ready to bet on growing B.C.’s economy, the B.C. Liberals said on Wednesday.

“This was an opportunity for the NDP and John Horgan to actually stand for something, but they couldn’t bring themselves to support the jobs that will be available across the province,” said Shuswap MLA Greg Kyllo, who is also the Parliamentary Secretary for the B.C. Jobs Plan. “This was a historic opportunity and the NDP yet again said no. The NDP haven’t changed at all. They still don’t get the importance of private sector job creation nor do they want to say yes to responsible economic development.”

Noting the NDP tried to mislead British Columbians by suggesting an Australian agreement provided ‘job guarantees’ and misrepresenting opportunities for local companies, Kyllo said the LNG sector is already producing jobs as investments are currently being made and that the LNG-Buy BC program is connecting B.C. businesses with proponents.

“It’s clear B.C. companies want to take advantage of the LNG opportunity,” he said. “Over 200 companies have joined the program. This shows the considerable interest the private sector has in LNG. The NDP has said no to that this week and no to giving businesses a chance at greater success.”

During the debate in the Legislature, the NDP made a feeble attempt to justify their rejection of hundreds of direct and indirect jobs, 4,500 jobs during construction and almost $9 billion in revenue to government – from this one project – while still maintaining the fiction they support the LNG industry.

“It was like listening to the NDP read from their own NDP Fictionary, where reality doesn’t exist and rhetoric trumps all,” said Kyllo. “But no matter how they spin their stories, there is one thing not in doubt: the BC Liberals said yes to jobs and the NDP said no.

“Our party and our premier has had the vision and determination to work towards making the industry a reality. Although there is more to do, we’re the party that is getting to yes and seeing the creation of additional family-supporting jobs in British Columbia. That is why I was proud to stand with my colleagues and vote in favour of creating B.C.’s LNG industry.”


Link to NDP “fictionary”: http://ow.ly/PWHfM