Over 1 million Canadians have been lifted out of poverty since 2015

AHMED Hussen, federal Minister of Families, Children and Social Development, on Monday welcomed the results of the 2018 Canadian Income Survey. The survey found that over 1 million Canadians have been lifted out of poverty since 2015, and that the poverty rate in Canada continues its downward trend.

The results of the survey show that more Canadians than ever are joining the middle class. Thanks to programs like the Canada Child Benefit, the increase to the Guaranteed Income Supplement and the middle class tax cut, Canadians have more money in their pockets. The release shows a significant reduction in poverty in Canada, representing the largest three-year reduction in Canadian history.

Hussen said: “The Government of Canada is committed to growing the middle class and helping those working hard to join it. Today’s announcement is further proof that our plan is working. However, we know there is much more to do. That is why we will keep working hard to reduce poverty and make sure that every Canadian has a real and fair chance to succeed.”

Quick Facts:
Since 2015, poverty rates have decreased in all 10 provinces. Since 2017, poverty has decreased in Nova Scotia by 2.5 percentage points, by 1.8 percentage points in New Brunswick and by 1.4 percentage points in British Columbia.

* Over 1 million Canadians have been lifted out of poverty, including 334,000 children and 73,000 seniors.

* This is the second release of Canadian Income Survey data since the Government of Canada launched Opportunity for All – Canada’s First Poverty Reduction Strategy which targets a 50% reduction by 2030, relative to 2015 levels.

* The Poverty Reduction Strategy’s targets are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to end poverty.

* Statistics Canada on Monday released the Report on the second Comprehensive Review of the Market Basket Measure. The paper describes the proposed changes to update Canada’s Official Poverty Line, which will be validated by Statistics Canada and ESDC over the coming months.