Premier needs to be held accountable for jobs loss, says NDP

Unemployment is on the rise in BC, and it’s mostly part-time workers who are feeling the pinch.

In total, BC lost 11,700 jobs last month and the unemployment rate climbed from 6.3 in June to 6.7 per cent in July.

Premier Christy Clark campaigned almost solely on jobs heading into the provincial election, and NDP Finance Critic Mike Farnworthsays she needs to be held accountable.

“That’s why they spent… millions and millions and millions of dollars in taxpayer money promoting their ‘jobs plan.’ I think what the government needs to recognize it’s not advertising that’s important — it’s results,” he argues.

Most of the positions that were lost were part-time, and that has Farnworth concerned. “It is summer and part-time work is a staple of young people, in terms of being able to earn money for when they go back to school in the fall.”

It was mostly the wholesale and retail trade sectors that were affected in BC.

National unemployment is on the rise, too; it jumped a tenth of a point to 7.2 per cent last month.