RCMP admit that Surrey’s Crime Severity Index is higher than provincial and national CSIs


SURREY RCMP in a press release on Thursday admitted that the Crime Severity Index of the City is higher that the provincial and the national CSIs.

Surrey’s Crime Severity Index (CSI) value in 2013 was 114.32 as compared to the provincial CSI of 89.2 and the national CSI of 68.7.

That’s a huge gap!

The RCMP tried to play it down by first stating that it was “1.3% lower than the year previous,” adding, “The CSI for Surrey has generally been decreasing over the last 10 years.”

But, as any crime expert would tell you, the crime rate all across North America has been declining – Surrey is no exception.

Surreyites in recent polls have quite clearly stated that crime is the major concern for them and that they do not feel secure.