Safe Surrey Coalition condemns sexist and racist attacks

THE Safe Surrey Coalition is calling for an immediate end to the vitriolic rhetoric emerging from Keep the RCMP in Surrey.

On November 18, the group put out the following demeaning tweet in response to an impassioned speech on Surrey’s policing transition from Councillor Laurie Guerra:

The suggestion that the content of the speech was not Guerra’s is sexist, paternalistic and completely disrespectful of a Councillor elected with overwhelming support by Surrey’s electorate, says the Safe Surrey Coalition.

Blatant racism has also been a part of the Keep the RCMP in Surrey group’s strategy, as demonstrated by the following social media posts from coordinator Ivan Scott and his wife Merle:

This is in addition to a coordinated campaign of harassment that has been tirelessly waged over the past two years by residents associated with the group, including several instances of showing up at the homes of various City Council members, points out the Safe Surrey Coalition.

These kinds of intimidation tactics are unacceptable and bordering on being illegal.

The Safe Surrey Coalition welcomes vigorous debate on the city’s most pressing issues, which helps to create public policy in the best interests of all Surrey residents.

What Ivan Scott, Merle Scott and their group’s members have been engaged in, however, is anything but respectful or productive. Their sexism, racism and harassment must stop immediately, says the Safe Surrey Coaltion.