Sawed-off shotgun seized at roadblock in New Westminster

ON July 12 AT approximately 1:50 a.m., New Westminster Police officers conducted a roadblock in the 900-block of McBride Boulevard. While officers checked drivers for sobriety, a car in the line attempted a U-turn across the center median. The driver mounted the car on the center median and attempted to drive away. As officers ran to the vehicle, the driver attempted to dislodge the stuck vehicle from the median by hard acceleration to evade arrest, but was unsuccessful. He was arrested. Officers located a sawed-off shotgun on the back seat with ammunition.

“Policing is an unpredictable line of work, where the situation can rapidly change from a routine impaired driving CounterAttack to a possible dangerous and unpredictable encounter,” said Sgt. Jeff Scott on Thursday. “Having public safety at the forefront of their minds, officers put themselves in harm’s way to help prevent a potentially more dangerous situation from occurring.”

Charges are being recommended to Crown Counsel for dangerous driving, prohibited driving, breach of undertaking, breach of recognizance, and several possible firearms-related offences.

The weapon was seized for safety and analysis.