Standing up for B.C. jobs, protecting our coast, and working for you


Premier of British Columbia


FROM day one, our government’s priority has been to make life better for people in B.C. That’s why we’ve been working hard to make your more affordable, improve the services you count on, and build a strong sustainable economy that creates jobs in every corner of B.C. And that’s why we’re standing up for B.C.’s interests in the face of the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion.

People in B.C. are rightly worried about a seven-fold increase in tanker traffic and the impact a heavy oil spill would have on our economy and environment. Tens of thousands of B.C. jobs, businesses and industries depend on healthy, oil-free, coastal and inland waters.

A single spill on our coast would cost billions in economic activity and threaten jobs in tourism, fisheries, seafood, restaurants, retail, film and more. Anyone who plays on our beaches, digs for with clams their family, or takes fresh Dungeness crab home for dinner from the seafood market understands what we could lose.

We’re taking responsibility and fighting for BC’s interests. That’s what our government was elected to do. That’s what we’ve been doing, as best we can, for all of B.C.

We believe that people should have a say in the things that happen here. We also believe that the interests of British Columbians — and all Canadians — should come before those in Texas boardrooms.

That’s why we want to consult British Columbians about the transport of diluted bitumen, though B.C.’s land and water. Others disagree with this and they have that right. So we’re preparing a court reference to confirm our rights within our provincial jurisdiction.

Defending our coast means defending our jobs, our economy, our communities, and our way of life.

Whether a community was built on fishing, forestry or mining, agriculture or small business, an oil spill will hurt all British Columbians, cost us tens of thousands of good-paying jobs, and make it harder for people to get ahead. That’s a high price to pay.

We believe a strong, sustainable economy should work for everyone, in every community in B.C., not just the few at the top.

People in B.C. work hard every day, and they deserve a government that works for them. I’m proud to be a British Columbian and to stand up for the people of this province for now, and for future generations.

Our government is working for you, and we’re going to keep working hard make life in B.C. better and more affordable, with more opportunity for the people who live here.