Surrey basketball stars cap season with All-Stars friendly game

2023 All-Stars Classic Girls Players Photos: Surrey Schools

FOLOWING a thrilling basketball season that saw Semiahmoo Secondary bring home the senior boys provincial banner, Fleetwood and Johnston Heights girls teams crowned as the Axe and Ladder champions and Enver Creek Secondary boys take the top spot in the RCMP Basketball Classic, star players from across the district celebrated the end of the season with one final match.

Held March 31 at Enver Creek Secondary, the annual All-Star Classic pitted select Grade 12 players from Surrey schools against each other in a year-end friendly exhibition game. While most years usually feature students only from within the district, this year saw a few students from local independent schools also compete.

The year-end match is a way for players to have fun and wind down as they bid farewell to a sport that’s been a huge part of their secondary school careers, said ‪Director of School And Community Connections Rob Rai, who also coaches of one of the All-Stars girls teams.

2023 All-Stars Classic Boys Players

“Many of these players have spent the past five years playing basketball for their school, and now that’s coming to an end as they prepare to make the transition to post-secondary,” said Rai. “So this is just a nice way for us to bid farewell to these wonderful players that have given their schools so much of their time.”

The girls match was a 53-38 affair while the boys game was a bit closer at 101-88. Players from each team wore their own school’s uniforms, with opposing teams wearing either the away or home version of their school’s jerseys.

The evening also saw a moment of silence held for the late Kevin De Boice, former Tamanawis Secondary principal and a pillar of the district’s basketball community, who passed away last month.

Once the final whistle had blown the evening shifted to awards and scholarships, which were awarded to deserving players. While the girls’ scholarships and awards had been announced during the Surrey Fire Fighters’ Goodwill Sr. Girls Basketball Classic, the boys awards were announced March 31:

  • Hamzah Abdullahi (Frank Hurt): School and Community Connections Award
  • Sahib Brar (Panorama Ridge): Surrey School District Award
  • Harshvir Dhaliwal (North Surrey): Surrey School District Award
  • Rohan Dhudwal (Guildford Park): Chris Mohan Memorial Award
  • Adam Olsen (Elgin Park): Chris Mohan Memorial Award
  • Rohan Sharma (Tamanawis): Roger Pierlet Memorial Award

Full roster of All-Star Players:

All-Stars Boys:
Hamza Abdullahi (Frank Hurt)
Ajay Aujla (Salish)
Jesse Connolly (Salish)
Anjat Dhaliwal (Enver Creek)
Gagan Dhanoa (South Ridge)
Angad Gill (Queen Elizabeth)
Ajay Hayer (Enver Creek)
Manrose Heer (Enver Creek)
Paull Kalome (North Surrey)
Adam Olsen (Panorama)
Aaron Uppal (Elgin Park)
Akash Pannu (Panorama)
Roshan Sandhu (South Ridge)
Ranvir Sanghera (Tamanawis)
Eesher Singh Sarai (Fleetwood Park)
Gurshan Sran (Enver Creek)


All-Star Girls:

Parneet Gill (Fleetwood Park)
Sevene Grewal (Lord Tweedsmuir)
Sukhman Ranu (Lord Tweedsmuir)
Amy Rokosh (Holy Cross)
Samantha Isidro (Holy Cross)
Yeuwen Luo (Elgin Park)
Olivia Ng (Semiahmoo)
Prisca Antwi (Fraser Heights)
Melanie Kardos-Mitchell (Clayton Heights)
Hannah Gebert (Clayton Heights)
Ameen Bal (Tamanawis)
Sargam Sandhu (Tamanawis)
Presley Sarai (Panorama)
Manreen Punian (Panorama)
Avaani Pagely (North Surrey)
Marcine Catu (Frank Hurt)
Krista Alipio (Frank Hurt)
Dilveer Bhangu (Frank Hurt)


(By Surrey Schools)