Clash of Pakistani and Indian groups allegedly led to double shooting in Surrey last week

SURREY RCMP on Monday confirmed to The VOICE that there was a second shooting on Wednesday night (October 15) last week – and it took place just about 50 minutes before the one that we were the first to report online last week.

On the weekend, sources told me that another shooting had taken place earlier that night and claimed that the two were related and that it was a clash between Pakistani-Canadian and Indo-Canadian groups.

The shooting that we reported last week was at 121 Street and 82 Avenue where a house was shot at. There were people in the house but no one was injured though there was a broken window, Staff-Sgt. Joe Johal told me just hours after the incident.

He said it was possibly a drive-by shooting as there was a report of a small greenish or grayish hatchback SUV taking off from the scene. The residents are South Asians.

Cpl. Bert Paquet on Thursday last week told me that one of the residents of the targeted house confessed to police investigators that he had been involved in criminal activities in the recent past.

Paquet added: “But he stated he was no longer involved in any kind of criminal activities at this point, but we are still obviously investigating.”


PAQUET confirmed the second shooting on Monday. He told me that about 50 minutes before the second shooting, there was a shooting around 7:30 p.m. in the 5800-block of 126A Street. Witnesses reported a vehicle sped away from that area after what they said were between eight and 10 shots being fired. Police have not confirmed the exact number of shots that were fired, but they recovered some shell casings at the scene.

Paquet added: “We found an unoccupied vehicle parked in the driveway near that location with several bullet holes in it. There was no one in the vehicle when it was fired upon.”

Police did some canvassing of the neighbourhood looking for surveillance video.

At this point police have not identified people responsible for the shots. One of the witnesses described the vehicle that sped away right after the shooting as a possibly newer model silver Toyota car. But there was no description of the driver or the passengers or any information about the number of occupants.

Both the shootings are being currently investigated by the same Serious Crimes team. Because the shootings occurred within a short time frame, police are looking into the possibility they were related. The investigation is ongoing.