Surrey RCMP: Safety tips for ‘Go by Bike Week’

Surrey RCMP responded to approximately 35 motor vehicle collisions involving bicycles last summer

IT’S that time of year when the warm weather and sunshine encourages residents to get outside and onto their bicycles. For Go by Bike Week (May 25-31), the Surrey RCMP is reminding the public of important safety tips to keep in mind before putting your pedals to the pavement.

Last summer, Surrey RCMP responded to approximately 35 motor vehicle collisions involving bicycles. It’s important to note that there were many contributing factors to these collisions. Road safety is a shared responsibility – whether travelling by foot, bicycle or vehicle.

For cyclists, safety planning should start before your ride. Surrey RCMP Traffic Services recommends bicycle operators wear high visibility, bright coloured clothing with reflective features, to ensure you can be seen.  Always remember to wear a helmet that fits properly.

Safety equipment for bikes is essential. Bikes should be equipped with a bell and lights for cycling at night or in low light conditions.  Have lights affixed to the front and rear of the bike – and don’t forget to check the batteries.

When on the road, cyclists should obey the rules of the road.  Police recommend establishing eye contact with drivers to confirm they have seen you and are clear on your intended action.  Another way to capture the attention of drivers or pedestrians is by using a bell and hand signals.

During stops along your ride where you are leaving your bike unattended, make sure to use anti-theft devices. Use high quality locks of case-hardened steel as poor quality locks can be cut in seconds. It’s important to secure your bike to an immovable object. If possible, take all removable parts with you.
“Being well prepared and familiar with the rules of the road can take the stress out of cycling and make your outing more enjoyable,” says Sgt. Ian MacLellan, Traffic Services Unit Commander. “Always consider the vehicles and pedestrians you are sharing the road with.”

Surrey RCMP is a Vision Zero Surrey partner. Vision Zero Surrey provides the framework for a holistic approach to road safety and strives to have zero people killed or seriously injured on our roads. It’s about collective action to protect our most vulnerable road usersFor more information about Go by Bike Week, visit