TransLink says it’s ready for the snow

WITH the possibility of snow in the forecast for the weekend, TransLink is activating plans to ensure transit service stays as reliable as possible.

Environment Canada is forecasting periods of rain or wet snow on Saturday with local snowfall of 2 cm over higher terrain. TransLink is encouraging customers to dress for the elements and use proper footwear to avoid slips and falls.

Here’s what TransLink is doing right now

  • Calling in extra staff to assist customers and coordinate service.
  • Coordinating with municipalities on snow clearing if priority routes are impacted.
  • Coupling Millennium Line trains into four-car configurations to increase capacity while SkyTrain attendants monitor guideways.
  • Deploying special trucks to spread anti-icing solution on trolley wires.
  • Installing brass “cutters” on some trolley buses to cut through ice on trolley wires.

What TransLink will do if conditions are severe

  • Replace articulated buses with 40-foot conventional buses when necessary, as they are more agile on steep, slippery areas.
  • Install tire socks on buses on Burnaby Mountain and on key North Shore and Vancouver routes where hills and traction are an issue.
  • Implementing a UBC Snow Shuttle, UBC from Alma to UBC via Blanca Loop.
  • Position attendants at the front of each Expo and Millennium Lines train to improve reliability on the system by limiting emergency braking triggered by heavy snowfall.
  • Run a special SkyTrain that sprays de-icer on the power rail to keep trains moving.
  • Run trains through the night if snow is especially heavy, to keep tracks clear.
  • Send HandyDART out with two staff per vehicle, to ensure customers get safely to their door, and assist in digging out the bus if required.
  • Activate further staff increases to assist customers right across the system.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Build in extra travel time.
  • Plan your trip using our Trip Planner.
  • Get up-to-the-minute information about your route: Sign up for transit alerts.
  • Check for updates on transit service impacts across the system: Twitter (@TransLink).
  • Get help by calling Customer Information: 604-953-3333.