Vancouver’s ‘Alcohol in Parks Pilot’ relaunches for summer 2022

VANCOUVER residents will be able to enjoy an alcoholic beverage with family and friends in 22 of the City’s parks, as the Alcohol in Parks Pilot program relaunches for summer 2022.

At Monday night’s meeting, the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation approved the draft bylaw amendments required to support the 2022 pilot. The bylaw designates areas in 22 of Vancouver’s most popular parks where the consumption of alcohol will be allowed between the hours of 11 a.m. and 9 p.m. daily, between June 3 and October 16. The bylaw will be brought forward for enactment on Tuesday night.

Since last year’s initial pilot, Park Board staff heard feedback from the community and there was significant support to continue the program with some improvements.

While much of the feedback was positive, the Board heard from the community that the 2021 boundaries for the designated areas were irregular and challenging to identify. Based on that feedback, this year’s program aims to simplify and clarify where people can drink within the parks.

For most parks included in the pilot, drinking will be allowed throughout the park, except in areas like playgrounds, sports fields, beaches, community centres, ecologically sensitive natural areas and off-leash dog areas. Maps of where alcohol can and cannot be consumed during the pilot are on the website and on signage posted at each location.

Once the bylaw is enacted, consuming alcohol during the pilot is permitted in the following 22 parks:

·       Collingwood Park ·       Memorial West Park
·       David Lam Park ·       New Brighton Park
·       Fraser River Park ·       Pandora Park
·       Granville Park ·       Queen Elizabeth Park*
·       Harbour Green Park ·       Quilchena Park
·       John Hendry (Trout Lake) Park ·       Riverfront Park (West)
·       Kitsilano Beach Park / Hadden Park ·       Robson Park
·       Langara Park ·       Rupert Park
·       Locarno Beach Park ·       Stanley Park (Southwest)*
·       Maple Grove Park ·       Vanier Park
·       Memorial South Park ·       Volunteer Park

*Due to the size of Queen Elizabeth Park and Stanley Park, the designated areas in each park are once again only located in a portion of the park.

These 22 parks have been selected as they include amenities like washrooms, garbage and proximity to other services to ensure that parks remain well maintained and tidy.

The Board said it continues to ask residents and visitors to drink responsibly, respect other park users and use their common sense.

Following the 2022 pilot program, staff will present recommendations to the Board for how to proceed with alcohol consumption in parks. These recommendations will be based on what has been learnt from both pilot programs and commissioners will decide how to proceed.

While the pilot is in effect, Parks and Recreation staff, including the Park Rangers and Park Operations teams, will work with the Vancouver Police Department and the regional health authority to ensure each site is safe, properly managed and well-maintained.

For more information and a list of frequently asked questions about the program: