Will Trudeau snub Surrey’s South Asians once again?

NDP will take full advantage of any insult to Surrey

PRIME Minister Justin Trudeau royally snubbed Surrey and its South Asians during his first term. Not a single MP from B.C.’s second largest and fastest growing city was appointed in his ministry.

Now it remains to be seen whether he will insult Surrey’s South Asians once again while embracing those from Ontario’s Brampton and other areas.

If that happens again, the NDP will have a field day highlighting how such an important city like Surrey and its multicultural population, mainly South Asians, are being treated. It will be a good opportunity for them to try and win many ridings in the next election that could take place within two years.

And Trudeau will only have himself and his advisers who have got him into one mess after another to blame. Surrey-ites must not be taken for granted.

The Liberals won three seats in Surrey:

*Ken Hardie from Fleetwood—Port Kells

*Randeep Sarai from Surrey Centre

*Sukh Dhaliwal from Surrey-Newton

The Liberals lost two of their seats to the Conservatives:

*Tamara Jansen won from Cloverdale—Langley City

*Kerry-Lynne Findlay won from South Surrey—White Rock

In the next election, they may lose the other three seats also to the NDP or the Conservatives.

Trudeau better wake up and smell the curry!