Burnaby Council demands withdrawal of inaccurate Liberal Party ads and retraction of untrue allegations 

Derek Corrigan

“IT is clear that there is no level to which the current provincial Liberal Party will not stoop in its bid for reelection,” said Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan on Thursday.

Burnaby City Council is calling on the party and the newspapers that have run several misleading Liberal Party advertisements, to remove the ads from circulation.

“The provincial Liberal Party is running completely inaccurate, inflammatory and misleading ads in order to malign the reputations of two Burnaby city councillors – Anne Kang and James Wang – who are running for election in the provincial election,” said Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan on Thursday. “The ads present misinformation about Burnaby Council decisions and Burnaby councillors.”

He added: “The City of Burnaby will not accept this misrepresentation of the facts about Burnaby City Council decisions. It would be a disservice to our citizens to do so.

“The Chinese-language ad says that Burnaby city councillors, James Wang and Anne Kang, ‘voted for distributing non-medical marijuana in liquor stores before the federal government has legalized marijuana’ and that this information is taken from December 5, 2016 Burnaby City Council meeting minutes.  This is not true.  What the minutes do say is ‘should marijuana be legalized,’ the ‘City of Burnaby wants to ensure that …it is distributed in a responsible manner and does not fall into the hands of minors.’ The minutes also very clearly indicate that the Council discussion took place ‘in anticipation of new legislation from the Federal Government in spring 2017’.

“The Liberals have changed the content of Burnaby City Council’s discussion on this pending Liberal marijuana legislation to suit their re-election purposes.”

Based on a news release issued by the City of Richmond, the same ads that misrepresented Burnaby City Council discussions misrepresented facts around Richmond City Council’s actions as well.

Corrigan said: “This is completely unacceptable and we call on the Liberal Party of British Columbia to pull these ads and to apologize to Burnaby City Council for intentionally misrepresenting their actions.”


Following are the verbatim minutes regarding the December 5, 2016 motion that have been inaccurately quoted by the BC Liberal Party:

  2. A) Councillor Dan Johnston Re: Distribution of Non-Medical Marijuana


THAT WHEREAS the Federal Government is considering the legalization of marijuana for non-medical use in Canada and will be introducing new legislation in the spring of 2017; and

WHEREAS the BC Government Employees Union (BCGEU) and the BC Private Liquor Store Association (BCPLSA) is proposing a non-medical marijuana distribution model that permits retail sales only in licensed public and private liquor stores; and

WHEREAS through their joint partnership, the Responsible Marijuana Retail Alliance of BC, the BCGEU and BCPLSA are requesting local government support for this initiative; and

WHEREAS the City of Burnaby wants to ensure that should marijuana be legalized, it is distributed in a responsible manner and does not fall into the hands of minors; and

WHEREAS liquor stores are an age-controlled environment with expertise in handling a controlled substance and a strong track record of checking identification; and

WHEREAS the City of Burnaby has zoning regulations and a policy framework in place that could be amended to similarly restrict marijuana sales should the proposed model be implemented

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Burnaby City Council is supportive of the approach taken by the Responsible Marijuana Alliance of BC in anticipation of new legislation from the Federal Government in spring 2017.