Alternative border crossings to busy Douglas port of entry

THE Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) reminds travellers that wait times at the Douglas port of entry (POE) can often be lengthy due to volume and ongoing construction. Travellers can avoid these delays by planning ahead and considering alternative border crossings when entering to Canada.

The Douglas POE is the busiest land border crossing in British Columbia. Longer wait times begin building in the afternoon and carry on through the evening. In addition, due to construction, multiple lanes are closed, including NEXUS which only has one lane in operation, and that could result in further delays.

The CBSA says it closely monitors border wait times. Every effort is made to improve traffic flow and respond to heavy volumes. Travellers may be able to return to Canada quicker by considering alternative ports of entry that are easily accessible and that may have shorter wait. Lower Mainland POEs include:

  • Pacific Highway: One kilometre east of Douglas POE – take exit 275 off Interstate Five
  • Aldergrove: 20 kilometres east (approximately 20 minutes) of Douglas POE – turn east on H Street in Blaine, WA.
  • Abbotsford-Huntingdon: 41 kilometres east (approximately 40 minutes) of Douglas POE – turn east on H street in Blaine, south on WA-539, east on WA-546 and north on WA-9. 

    To avoid delays, travellers should also ensure they check border wait times. Here are ways to find out border wait times:

    For more travel tips from the CBSA, visit the travel tips section on the CBSA website.